If you find lower price - we’ll match it and give you a -10% discount

By installing an awning, you can broaden your relaxation options, prolong the durability of your windows and appliances and improve your family’s health.

Why choose awnings by Awning Modern

Highest quality of materials

Lowest prices for all awnings solutions

Wide product and color range to fit the style of your house

Warranty for the entire construction

Warranty for Polycarbonate solid boards from the manufacturer

Professional awning installation from our partners

Why choose awnings by Auvent Modern

Highest quality of materials used for finished construction

Lowest prices for all awnings solutions

Wide product and color range to fit the style of your house

24 months guarantee for the entire construction

Lifetime guarantee for PC solid boards from the manufacturer

10% discount for professional awning installation from our partners

Please note that the majority of cheap awnings you can buy online are designed for South regions and will not withstand our local temperatures and precipitations. Don’t let the merchants mislead you into a useless purchase, which will hardly survive half a cold season.

Choose the awnings by Auvent Modern, which are especially developed for regions, where low temperatures, snow, wind and rain are a common thing. The PC solid boards that we use to make our canopies resist temperatures of 40 degrees below zero, and the aluminum brackets withstand pressure of 150 lbs/sq.m. each.

Why are awnings so important

They help you save money

Installing awnings to safeguard your windows and entrances, as well as outdoor appliances, helps you save thousands of dollars for their repair and replacement. The UV protection of the awnings helps prolong the life of your car paint, headlights and rubberized trim.

They help you save your health

Excessive moisture, which penetrates through the window drains inside your house walls causes mold growth. Wet walls and mold cause chronic and acute respiratory diseases. Awnings prevent excessive moisture from entering your house structure.

They help you expand your relaxation options

Once you install window awnings and cover your patio with a canopy, you no longer have to stay inside or close the windows when it rains or snows. Have an outdoor BBQ at any weather and enjoy fresh air in your house no matter the forecast.

They help you save your time

With a driveway awning, you will no longer have to dig out your car and the driveaway of snow and ice. Less time to drive out of your house - more time for sleep and morning routine.

What makes Awning Modern a perfect awnings store

We provide individual approach to every customer.

Awnings are our passion, so we have improved the brackets and made them even more resistant.

When you buy an awning with Awning Modern, you can get all fittings or recommendations for getting additional materials, depending on what your house is made of.

Every customer gets understandable installation instructions, as well as our professional support for installation.

Beneficial offers from our partners - experts in awning installation.

We only offer high-quality material - PC solid boards. Hence, the warranty from the manufacturer.

Every awning section is secured to your house walls with two aluminum brackets, which withstand a common pressure of 300 lbs/sq.m.

You can choose the color of the PC solid boards and brackets, so that your new awning fits with the design and concept of your house.

There is no limit in the width of your awning. We have solutions for every project!

Grand Opening

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Materials for our awnings come from a professional factory, which has been in the industry of canopy manufacturing for over 20 years!

The company has a complete production line and a rigorous quality control to ensure the best and most innovative products arrive at the market as soon as possible.

Awning Modern is proud to present the best products to our community.